Fedex Rates & Labels With Tracking


Select “My Options” then select “Notifications” to see a current list. Locate the specific notification and click on the delete link in the action column next to it. Also, track FedEx Express®shipments by reference number

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Putting The Patient First 


  Compassion in the healthcare industry is the essence of excellent care.    Have you ever left a medical appointment and thought the physician had an excellent bedside manner, or in turn, they could use

Putting The Patient First 2021-12-05T21:27:03+00:00

Setting The Standard for Excellence in Care


Going the distance to help our patients achieve excellence Each day, we strive to be the best version of ourselves. Regardless of what our medical specialties may be, we understand that our patients are working

Setting The Standard for Excellence in Care2021-12-05T21:34:14+00:00
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